Where is Your Gethsemane? (Mark 14:32-42)

     Christians must learn to crucify the will without breaking the spirit.. PDF   Audio

Planting the Seed; Will It Grow? (Luke 8:9-11)

     Hear, receive, share, and obey the Word!.. PDF   Audio

Ten Motivations for Service (Matthew 20:25-28)

     A lifetime of service characterizes the Christian life.. PDF   Audio

"To Whom Shall We Go?" (John 6:60-69)

     To whom do we look for our religious authority?.. PDF   PPT   Audio

The Truth will make You Free (John 8:31-36)

     Four freedoms that come from knowing and practicing the truth.. PDF   PPT   Audio

You Must be Born Again (John 3:1-7)

     If being born hasn't given you much satisfaction, try being born again!.. PDF

Microwave Religion (Luke 14:25-35)

     In a quick and easy world, discipleship is not quick or easy.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Six Things About Sin and the Gospel (Matthew 3:1-8)

     Six things about sin, and six gospel cures.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Changing Your World (Matthew 18:1-3)

     You may not be able to change the world but you can change yourself.. PDF   Audio

The Ultimate Sacrifice (Mark 15:22-27)

     A Memorial Day lesson focusing on the importance of a sacrificial spirit.. PDF   Audio

Peter's Restoration (John 21:15-17)

     Jesus reminds Peter of his three betrayals and there are lessons for us too.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Peter's Fall (Mark 14:27-31)

     What led up to Peter's problems? What can we learn from them?.. PDF   Audio

The Vine and the Branches (John 15:1-11)

     Four parts; the vine, the branches, the vinedresser and the fruit.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Christ, The Way (John 14:1-6)

     The classic text revisited.. PDF   PPT   Audio

The Cross from Seven Viewpoints (Luke 23:32-34,44-46)

     How do you view the crucifixion of Christ?.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Great Chapters of the Bible: Matthew, Chapter 5 (Matthew 5:13-16)

     The beatitudes and so much more.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Laying Up Treasures (Matthew 6:19-23)

     Where is your heart? It's where your treasure is!.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Four Kinds of Belief (John 8:24)

     Some "stages" of belief.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Always on the Edge (Matthew 17:14-20)

     Life's decisions keep us on the edge of greatness or failure!..... 

           PDF   PPT   Audio







Moving the Church Forward: Challenges to Accept (Matthew 5:13-16)

     Unity solves a lot of problems.. PDF   PPT   Audio

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