Joshua  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Decisions, Decisions! (Joshua 24:14-21)

     No matter the decision we should strive to make the right choice…..

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Not by Compulsion (Joshua 24:15)

     Man is a creature of volition and needs to decide if he will serve God…..PDF


Judges  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     No sermons listed.



Ruth  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     No sermons listed.








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First & Second Samuel  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Story of Hannah (1Samuel 1:26-28)

     Moms can appreciate and learn from the example of Hannah…..

           PDF   PPT   Audio


A Brief Outline of Hannah's Life (1Samuel 1:1-2:21)

     The life of Hannah….. PDF


Lessons from the Life of Eli (1Samuel 2:12-36)

     Eli was a judge and priest, but unfortunately had some problems….. PDF


Lessons from Uzzah and the Ark (2Samuel 6:1-10)

     A tragic Old Testament story gives valuable lessons for pleasing God….. PDF



First & Second Kings  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Life of Elijah (Part 1) (1Kings 17:17-24)

     Elijah's life illustrates the power of providence, faith, and prayer….. PDF


The Life of Elijah (Part 2) (1Kings 18:26-29)

     An introduction to this man of God, seeing the power of God and conclusion to Elijah's life….. PDF


The Life of Elijah (Part 3) (1Kings 19:1-12)

     The power of the simple, in being a slave to sin, and the power of Jehovah over idols….. PDF



First & Second Chronicles  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     No sermons listed.



Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ezra Prepared His Heart (Ezra 7:6-10)

     Ezra set his heart to seek, practice and teach, setting a great example…..



The Never Ending Story (Nehemiah 12:27-30,43)

     Nehemiah learns that as soon as life gets straight, things will unravel again….. PDF   Audio




Sermons arranged in Bible book order, then by scripture text.