The Second Coming of Christ

     Always a great study, the basics of the second coming of Christ are listed..Worksheet     Answers

Some Common False Doctrines

     A quick reference to some things people believe and a Bible response.. Worksheet   Answers

Office (Ministries) in the Church

     Jesus set up His church with various leadership ministries.. Worksheet   Answers

Why the churches of Christ do not use instrumental music in worship

     A defense of a cappella singing..Article

New Testament Worship

     The pattern of Christianity explained and a look at six parts of worship.. Worksheet   Answers

The Three Great Works of the Church

     A look at evangelism, edification, and benevolence.. Worksheet   Answers

How to Become a Christian

     The plan of salvation with a defense of the essentiality of baptism..Worksheet   Answers

The Coming of the Kingdom (Church)

     When did the church begin? A look at various determining factors.. Worksheet   Answers

Understanding the Old and New Testaments

     A basic review of each book of the Bible and a comparison of the covenants.. Worksheet   Answers

The Plan of Salvation--Faith

     Salvation has always been by faith. A look at the first step to becoming a Christian..PDF

The Plan of Salvation--Repentance

     This step may be the most difficult of them all, but must be done..PDF

The Plan of Salvation--Confession

     Never to be overlooked. Confession is made unto salvation..PDF

The Plan of Salvation--Baptism (1)

     The NT teaches the necessity of baptism; here's a concise look..PDF

The Plan of Salvation--Baptism (2)

     Some misconceptions about baptism are discussed..PDF

The Plan of Salvation--Living Faithfully

     A life of faithful service is what God desires from His people..PDF







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