Too many people become Christians and for whatever ‘reason’ they give up on trying to live a faithful life. One cannot become a child of God, reject the life Christ wants them to live, and hope to retain their salvation (Mt. 26:15). Patience, endurance, and faithfulness are necessary components to becoming what God wants us to become. Satan will do whatever he can to discourage people from living a faithful Christian life. But it is possible to overcome all the trials and troubles of life. Think through 1Cor. 10:12,13 and Rev. 2:10. With sagacity, make the application to your life!



     Have you heard someone say, “I tried that once and it didn’t work.” Sometimes people say that about religion. They have tried to live the Christian life, failed in one way or another, and have given up. If you fit into this category I have good news! God hasn’t given up on you. You can try again! And just maybe with the right encouragement from fellow Christians you can make it this time. Don’t allow a setback or two to become spiritual failure! God has blessed you with another day and opportunity to get your life right. Come back to Christ and the church for which He died. With sagacity, make the application to your life!



     The old song says, “Heaven will be worth it all.” How true that is. To miss the eternal blessings and glories of heaven is to miss the greatest of all things. Jesus left the earth to go and prepare a place for His people (Jn. 14:1-3). He wants to save as many as possible and there is plenty of room for all who want to go. Don’t allow the temptations of the world cloud your thinking. There is nothing the world has to offer that is better than the blessings of heaven. Sin takes you where you don’t want to go, keeps you longer than you want to stay, and makes you pay more than you ever thought you would. With sagacity, make the application to your life!


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The late Roy H. Enoch was a good friend, fellow preacher, and wonderful man.  Several years ago he gave me many of his sermon outlines for use as I saw fit.  Please take a moment and check out these outlines.  I have reformatted the material, but the content belongs to Roy.

Sermons on the Bible:

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   Nehemiah, Chapter 4 ….. PDF

   Outline of 1Timothy ….. PDF

   Titus, Chapter 2 ….. PDF


Sermons on Christ:

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   Christ is Risen ….. PDF

   From Heaven or Men ….. PDF

   I Ams of Christ ….. PDF

   Jesus and Miracles ….. PDF

   Lion of Judah ….. PDF

   Mind of Christ ….. PDF

   Opposed to Jesus ….. PDF

   To Whom Shall We Go ….. PDF


Sermons on the Church:

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   Barriers to Evangelism (2) ….. PDF

   Church in the World ….. PDF

   Congregation's Responsibility to Elders ….. PDF

   Cultural Church -A Review ….. PDF

   Elders are Shepherds ….. PDF

   Holy Worship ….. PDF

   Living Right ….. PDF

   ReDigging Old Wells ….. PDF


Plan of Salvation:

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   Repentance ….. PDF

   Confession ….. PDF

   Baptism1 ….. PDF

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   Faithful Living ….. PDF


Home and Family:

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   Love Never Fails ….. PDF

   Marriage for Life ….. PDF

   Marriage for Love ….. PDF

   Marry in the Lord ….. PDF

   Mothers are Special ….. PDF

   A Mother's Love ….. PDF



   Authority in Religion (1) ….. PDF

   Authority in Religion (2) ….. PDF

   Believe the Bible (1) ….. PDF

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   Bible Study (1) ….. PDF

   Compromise ….. PDF

   Contend for the Faith ….. PDF

   Doctrines of Devils ….. PDF

   Faith, as Paul Knew It ….. PDF

   Forgive Your Brother ….. PDF


   Areas of Christian Duty ….. PDF

   Personal Consecration ….. PDF

   Ways to Silence Criticism ….. PDF

   Let the Earth Hear His Voice ….. PDF

   Eternal Insurance ….. PDF

   Faith Comes by Hearing ….. PDF

   The Two Foundations ….. PDF

   Freedom from Want ….. PDF

   The Two Gates and the Two Ways ….. PDF

   A Good Neighbor Helps Others ….. PDF

   Prepare Your Heart to Serve God ….. PDF

   Helping Others ….. PDF

   Itching Ears and Pleasant Preachers ….. PDF

   Learning to Forget ….. PDF

   The Love of God … PDF

   This is the Love of God ….. PDF

   The Spirit of Obedience ….. PDF

   Overcome Evil with Good ….. PDF

   Overcoming Evil (2) ….. PDF

   You Preach First ….. PDF

   Rejection of Deity's Greatness ….. PDF

   Responses Every Service ….. PDF

   An Infallibly Safe Way ….. PDF

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   The Secret of a Successful Life ….. PDF

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   The Proper Laying Up of Treasure ….. PDF

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   The Art of Visitation ….. PDF

   Visiting is Pure Religion ….. PDF

   The Word of God Motivates ….. PDF

   Working for God ….. PDF

   Work Your Own Garden ….. PDF



   Caleb, Take the Mountain ….. PDF

   Daniel, The Windows are Open ….. PDF

   Deborah, A Mother in Israel ….. PDF

   Elijah, the Tishbite ….. PDF

   Elijah, The Miscalculation ….. PDF

   Esther, The Queen ….. PDF

   Gideon and God's Military Strategy ….. PDF

   Isaac, His Birth Caused a Laugh ….. PDF

   James, A Leader in Jerusalem ….. PDF

   Job, Lessons from the Book ….. PDF

   Korah, The Rebellion ….. PDF

   Nehemiah Rebuilt Jerusalem ….. PDF

   The Plains of Ono ….. PDF

   Paul, What the Blind Man Saw ….. PDF

   The Confession of the Prodigal Son ….. PDF

   Salome, The Mother of James and John ….. PDF

   The Shunammite Woman ….. PDF

   Titus, Advice for a Preacher ….. PDF

   The Work of a Watchman ….. PDF

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