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The late Roy H. Enoch was a good friend, fellow preacher, and wonderful man. Several years ago he gave me many of his sermon outlines for use as I saw fit. Please take a moment and check out these outlines. I have reformatted the material, but the content belongs to Roy.

Sermons on the Bible:

   Introduction to Hebrews .. PDF

   Hebrews, Chapter 2 .. PDF

   Hebrews, Chapter 3 .. PDF

   Hebrews, Chapter 4 .. PDF

   Hebrews, Chapter 5 .. PDF

   Outline of Luke .. PDF

   Nehemiah, Chapter 4 .. PDF

   Outline of 1Timothy .. PDF

   Titus, Chapter 2 .. PDF


Sermons on Christ:

   Christ and the Bible .. PDF

   Christ is Risen .. PDF

   From Heaven or Men .. PDF

   I Ams of Christ .. PDF

   Jesus and Miracles .. PDF

   Lion of Judah .. PDF

   Mind of Christ .. PDF

   Opposed to Jesus .. PDF

   To Whom Shall We Go .. PDF


Sermons on the Church:

   Barriers to Evangelism-1 .. PDF

   Barriers to Evangelism-2 .. PDF

   Church in the World .. PDF

   Congregation's Responsibility to Elders .. PDF

   Cultural Church -A Review .. PDF

   Elders are Shepherds .. PDF

   Holy Worship .. PDF

   Living Right .. PDF

   ReDigging Old Wells .. PDF














Plan of Salvation:

   Faith .. PDF

   Repentance .. PDF

   Confession .. PDF

   Baptism1 .. PDF

   Baptism2 .. PDF

   Faithful Living .. PDF


Home and Family:

   Christianity at Home .. PDF

   Jesus and the Christian Life .. PDF

   Love Never Fails .. PDF

   Marriage for Life .. PDF

   Marriage for Love .. PDF

   Marry in the Lord .. PDF

   Mothers are Special .. PDF

   A Mother's Love .. PDF