A Brief Look at Angels

     Some characteristics and other information about angels….. PDF


The Angel of Jehovah (John 12:37-41)

     A most fascinating study….. PDF


A "Little While"

     Jesus had but a "little while" on the earth. How are we spending our

      "little while"?..... PDF


Comforting the Bereaved (various passages)

     Some practical advice for a congregation when one of its members

          passes away….. PDF


Defining Fellowship in Biblical Terms (various texts)

     Fellowship is a relationship with Christ, the church, in worship, and the

          public assembly….. PDF


Does Man's Predisposition and Inclinations Toward God and Sin Control His Actions?

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     A great review of man's erroneous concepts of God….. PDF



Dos and Don'ts During the Invitation

     Some practical thoughts concerning the tradition of offering an

          invitation….. PDF


Five Guides to Christian Conduct (1Corinthians 16:13-14)

     The apostle Paul suggests five things to do in our Christian

          conduct….. PDF


Good Habits—Part 1 (2Corinthians 5:6-10)

     First of two lessons from Og Mandino's

          'The Greatest Saleman in the World'….. PDF   PPT   Audio


Good Habits—Part 2 (Mark 10:29-31)

     A continuation of Part1 giving ten Biblical principles of success….. PDF   PPT   Audio


Growth Through Prayer

     Some scriptures on the privilege, conditions, and the 'how to' of prayer….. PDF


Hunger and Thirsting

     Things we have tried and that which will work to fill our need for spiritual nourishment…. PDF


Jesus, The Miracle Worker

     A lesson given at an area preachers' meeting (in narrative form)….. PDF


Leadership and Followship (1Peter 5:1-5)

     When a congregation has leadership, there must also be followship….. PDF


The Pre-Existent and Prophetic Christ (John 1:1; 8:58; 17:5)

     Many scriptures on Jesus in prophecy….. PDF


Putting First Things First

     A lesson on setting priorities…..PDF


Responding to the Invitation

     Some thoughts on why people respond to the invitation…..PDF


Simple Lessons on the Spirit

     A brief overview of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for the Christian….. PDF


The Disciplined Life (various passages)

     Spiritual, intellectual, bodily, and time discipline is briefly considered….. PDF


The Errors of Premillennialism

     A concise review of the book, "The Late Great Planet Earth"…..PDF


The Grace of God

     Various passages on the grace of Christ, salvation, and riches of….. PDF


The Nature of God (John 4:24)

     By no means exhaustive, but a simple listing of some of the characteristics of God…..PDF


The Sin of Ananias and Sapphira

     A lesson on the sovereignty of God…..PDF


The Strength of Fellowship (1) (Acts 2:42-47)

     The principle, purpose, and potential of fellowship….. PDF


The Strength of Fellowship (2) (2Corinthians 6:14-18)

     The parameters and practice of fellowship….. PDF


The Value of the Bible

     Devotional thought on the Scriptures…..PDF


Understanding the Church

     Is the church all that important?  YES!  Here are five reasons why…..PDF


Weaknesses of the Restoration Plea

     The restoration plea is valid, but sometimes its principles can be taken too far….. PDF


When Brethren Disagree

     Causes, helps, advice for when brethren cannot agree and harmonize….. PDF


Why Everyone Should Be Baptized

     Seven Biblical reasons are listed as to why people should be baptized…..PDF


Why Baptism is Essential to Salvation

     Why baptism, in water, by immersion, is essential to salvation…..PDF


What It Means to be Holy (Sacred)

     Three Greek words that are translated as holy. A brief look at all three…..PDF


Who Is A Christian?

     Devotional thought of who is not and who is a Christian…..PDF


Works of Service that are Called the Grace of God

     A practical, not theological, lesson on grace….. PDF



Answering the Translation Question

Translations - Lesson 1 (Nehemiah 8:8)

     Reasons for new translations, the value of comparison, and how to pick one….. PDF


Translations - Lesson 2 (Nehemiah 8:8)

     A look at the early manuscripts, versions and texts of the Bible….. PDF


Translations - Lesson 3 (Nehemiah 8:8)

     A Brief History of the English Bible (Wycliffe to the KJV)….. PDF


Translations - Lesson 4 (Nehemiah 8:8)

     The Old Testament, the Canon and the Apocrypha….. PDF


Translations - Lesson 5 (Nehemiah 8:8)

     A brief overview of nine English translations….. PDF



Acts of Worship

Acts of Worship: The Lord's Supper

     Thoughts on communion…..PDF


Acts of Worship: Preaching

     Thoughts on preaching in the assembly…..PDF


Acts of Worship: Prayer

     Moderately in depth look of various examples of prayer in the Bible…..PDF


Acts of Worship: Giving

     Thoughts on the weekly contribution by the saints…..PDF


Acts of Worship: Fellowship

     Thoughts on an often overlooked part of congregational worship…..PDF


Acts of Worship: Evangelism

     A most important part of the life of a Christian is to share their faith with the lost…..PDF


Acts of Worship: Benevolence

     Doing benevolence is the "great permission" of the Scriptures…..PDF



Philo Rd Gospel Meeting (1985)  

Christ the Cornerstone of the Church (1Peter 2:5-8)

     Jesus is the precious cornerstone of the new temple, the church….. PDF


"But You Are… A Chosen Race" (1Peter 2:1-9; esp. v9)

     Being chosen is always something special, but never more so when we are chosen by God….. PDF


"But You Are… A Royal Priesthood" (1Peter 2:1-9; esp. v9)

     Christians are part of a spiritual house of priests who offer up spiritual sacrifices….. PDF


"But You Are… A holy Nation" (1Peter 2:1-9; esp. v9)

     The church is the spiritual Israel of the New Testament….. PDF


"But You Are… A People for God's Own Possession (1Peter 2:1-9)

     Christians belong to God. They are a peculiar people….. PDF


"But You Are… The People of God" (1Peter 2:1-9)

     Ten spiritual sacrifices to be offered by Christians, God's priests, His people….. PDF


"But You Are… People Who Have Received Mercy" (1Peter 3:1-9)

     Man's need for mercy, God's choice to extend mercy, and out salvation by mercy….. PDF



Great Biblical Doctrines

Original Goodness and Election

     God created man. Now man has sinned but God has chosen to make him whole….. PDF


Predestination and God's Covenants

     Election is God's choice, God's predetermined plan, and understanding a covenant….. PDF


Atonement and Redemption

     A look at the doctrines of atonement and redemption….. PDF


Adoption and Justification

     A brief overview of the doctrines of adoption and justification….. PDF


Perfection and Sanctification

     Biblical perfection and the doctrine of sanctification….. PDF


Salvation and a Review

     A review of all the doctrines studied in this series and a word study on 'salvation'….. PDF



Three Sermons on Giving

Why Give? (2Corinthians 9:7)

     Motivation is needed for any good work. Some motivational thoughts on giving….. PDF


How to Give (2Corinthians 9:10)

     Guidelines from God on how we are to give back to Him….. PDF


Dividends Received from Giving (2Corinthians 9:6-10)

     God gives abundant blessings to those who give to Him….. PDF



The Life of Elijah the Prophet

The Life of Elijah (Part 1) (1Kings 17:17-24)

     Elijah's life illustrates the power of providence, faith, and prayer….. PDF


The Life of Elijah (Part 2) (1Kings 18:26-29)

     An introduction to this man of God, seeing the power of God and conclusion to Elijah's life….. PDF


The Life of Elijah (Part 3) (1Kings 19:1-12)

     The power of the simple, in being a slave to sin, and the power of Jehovah over idols….. PDF




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