Taking God Seriously

     One serious checklist for those who are serious about their discipleship.. PDF

God's Ten Most Wanted

     This is one list that every Christian should be on, and more than once!.. PDF

The Head or the Heart?

     Bible instruction should be balanced. A look at 1Timothy 1:5.. PDF

This Congregation Needs Money

     Here are six good reasons that your congregation deserves financial support.. PDF

No Bible Class for Six Weeks

     Do know folks who show up late for Bible classes? Here is a sarcastic solution!.. PDF

You Would be Amazed

     Where is the focus in your life?.. PDF

The American Dream

     Wealth didn't work for Solomon and it won't work today.. PDF

Without Sacrifice...

     If a person is not sacrificing the old life, the new life is probably not what it should be.. PDF

The Perfect Preacher

     A humorous but somber look at the life and expectations of a preacher.. PDF

I am a Soldier

     This kind of commitment is humbling and a bit scary!.. PDF

Happy New Year

     This little acrostic will help you begin the new year right.. PDF


     Marriage; God's way.. PDF

Help Wanted!

     There are all kinds of jobs in the kingdom. Find one you can do!.. PDF

Grace is Not a License

     To treat the grace of God as a license to sin is to abuse this wonderful blessing.. PDF

I Will Stand My Post

     Even when we can't see God working in our lives, He is.. PDF

Powerful Proverbs

     Compare these Bible proverbs and some of the sayings of man.. PDF

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

     Kermit the Frog knew it was hard to be different. Christians are to be different.. PDF

The Sick Society

     Four traits of an unrighteous society.. PDF

Jesus Christ Personified

     My thanks to Edd Sterchi for the excellent poem.. PDF

Ten Things God Won't Ask on That Day

     So many things that we deem important are not all that important to God.. PDF

Is the Restoration Dead?

     Too many people are unaware of the plea for unity via the restoration the NT church.. PDF


     Some scriptures on the topic of redemption.. PDF

Things Only a Mom Can Teach

     A humorous look at motherhood (thanks to HTH/HTH).. PDF

The Worst Sin

     Thanks to Edd Sterchi for this most introspective article.. PDF


     Christianity is enough by itself. To add to it, ruins it.. PDF

Christians: Who and What

     A concise but Biblically accurate statement about who Christians are and what they should do.. PDF

Christian One-liners

     Some thoughts copied from the Internet.. PDF

Why Calamites?

     Some thoughts on a difficult issue from Edd Sterchi.. PDF


     To say that only most of or only some of the Bible is inspired is shaky ground.. PDF

Jesus in the Book of Revelation

     A listing of the powerful images of Christ in the last book of the Bible.. PDF


     Some thoughts from the great restoration preacher, Walter Scott.. PDF

Christ Has a Job for You

     Are you looking for something to do in the church, here is a great place to start.. PDF

What to Pray For

     Robyn Brown supplies an excellent list to improve your prayer life.. PDF

Why Bother?

     "Why bother?" are the words of despair and hopelessness. What's a person to do?.. PDF

God's Spiritual Kingdom

     A brief review of the king, a territory, subjects, and law in the church.. PDF


     One of the most powerful gifts in the church is that of being an encourager.. PDF

Whet Your Edge

     Some thoughts from Bob Housby worth considering.. PDF







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