Decisions, Decisions! (Joshua 24:14-21)

     No matter the decision we should always strive to make the right choice.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Great Chapters of the Bible: Genesis, Chapter 1 (Genesis 1:26-31)

     The beginning of it all.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Great Chapters of the Bible: Isaiah, Chapter 40 (Isaiah 40:3-8)

     A chapter that tells of the immeasurable awesomeness of God.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Great Chapters of the Bible: Psalm 51 (Psalm 51:1-19)

     David laments his sin.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Great Chapters of the Bible: Exodus, Chapter 20 (Exodus 20:1-18)

     A look at the Decalogue.. PDF   PPT   Audio

Daniel, the Epitome of Integrity (Daniel 6:1-4)

     A brief look at one of the finest men in the Bible.. PDF   Audio

Lord, Teach Me to Wait (Isaiah 40:28-31)

     Abraham had a great faith and knew to wait on God.. PDF   Audio

Destroyed by a Lack of Knowledge (Hosea 4:5; 8:12)

     The importance of knowing God's word.. PDF

The Story of Hannah (1Samuel 1:26-28)

     Moms can appreciate and learn from the example of Hannah.. PDF   PPT   Audio

The God Who Knows Us Perfectly (Psalm 139:7-14)

     Some thoughts on God's omnipresence and omniscience.. PDF   Audio

Takhomasak Happiness (Job 5:17-27)

     A few simple hits from the NT that can help live a happier life.. PDF   PPT   Audio

The Sabbath Day (Exodus 16:22-30)

     Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath? Understanding the Sabbath Day is important.. PDF   PPT   Audio

The Life of Noah (Genesis 6:5-9)

     A look at Noah, the flood, and the importance of the rainbow.. PDF   PPT   Audio

The Weaver's Shuttle (Job 7:1-6)

     Life is too short to do some things. Here's what to leave out.. PDF   Audio

Ezra Prepared His Heart (Ezra 7:6-10)

     Ezra set his heart to seek, practice and teach, setting a great example.. PDF

Learning to Walk (Micah 6:6-8)

     Ten things to do in your walk in Christ.. PDF   Audio

The Never Ending Story (Nehemiah 12:27-30,43)

     Nehemiah learn that as soon as life gets straight things will unravel again.. PDF   Audio

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