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Psalm 63 (brief sermon outline)

     The thirsting soul is satisfied by God.. PDF

The Grinch and the Church (article)

     Can you identify with the Grinch?.. PDF

The Barking Dog (article)

     Where is Our Focus?.. PDF

The Christian's Veteran's Day (article)

     Christians are spiritual soldiers.. PDF

Slacktivism (article)

     Can we feel good about ourselves when we don't actually help someone?.. PDF

Wisdom, Judgment, and Faith (article)

     We must study and grow to make wise and holy decisions.. PDF

Fortunate Son (article)

     Sometimes, God plays favorites!.. PDF

Journey Off the Map (article)

     Allowing God to be Our Guide.. PDF







Bible Hot Takes (article)

     A little different look at predictive prophecy.. PDF

Biblical Math (article)

     What function of mathematics are you doing?.. PDF

What About Cremation (article)

     A brief look at cremation in light of Bible teachings.. PDF

Decoration Day (article)

     Remembering with a purpose.. PDF

Demons in Unity (article)

     The demons are unified, are we?.. PDF

Do We Hate Evil? (article)

     Loving what God loves and hating what God hates.. PDF

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Who Is This? (article)

     The disciples were asking this question. Should we?.. PDF

This is the Day (article)

     Some thoughts on Psalm 118 and related texts.. PDF

They Who are Dead Still Speak (article)

     All of the people mentioned in the Bible have passed away, but their lives and words still speak.. PDF

The Trailblazer (article)

     Finding the right path is difficult as best. Allow Jesus to be your trailblazer.. PDF

The Sign of Jonah (article)

     The power of God unto salvation is found in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.. PDF

The Heart of God (article)

     Keeping the commands of God should lead us to the heart of God.. PDF

The Founder of the Feast (article)

     Dickens', "The Christmas Carol" gives a unique perspective on forgiveness.. PDF

Technologically Advanced (article)

     As prosperity increased, so does the hardness of the heart.. PDF

Taxation (article)

     Jesus is the perfect representative to God.. PDF

The Most Stressful Time of Year (article)

     The holidays promise joy, but for some can be a most difficult time of the year.. PDF

Sponges (article)

     Everyone takes in information. Even little ones notice what you say and how you say it.. PDF

Psalm 63 (article)

     Psalm 63 speaks of God's power, satisfaction, help and deliverance.. PDF

Moms (article)

     Good moms are sacrificial, nurturing, and supportive.. PDF

Psalm 16 (article)

     Some thoughts on Psalm 16.. PDF

Overcoming Discouragement (article)

     At times the Christian life can get discouraging. But there is always hope in God.. PDF

Be Like Nehemiah (article)

     Nehemiah is unique but just like you and me. May we step out on faith as he did.. PDF

Nehemiah, A New Life Take Time (article)

     Life is full adjustments. But to those who look to the new in Christ will mature.. PDF

Miracles in the Temple (article)

     May the signs we follow be the real thing and not "smoke and mirrors".. PDF

Judgment According to Nahum (article)

     Striking parallels between Ninevah in Nahum's day and today.. PDF

Indignant (article)

     Getting really mad can have bad and good effects on others.. PDF

Ignored (article)

     We notice when we go unnoticed.. PDF

I Have Bad News (article)

     How do you react to bad news? Is it a response of faith?.. PDF

Hosanna to the Savior (article)

     Praising God means to trust Him for His providential care.. PDF

Growing Faith in Others (Part 1) (article)

     People will form an opinion about God as they observe Christians in action.. PDF

Growing Faith in Others (Part 2) (article)

     Do we draw lines on whom we will serve and whom we won't?.. PDF

God's Roadies (article)

     Do we draw lines on whom we will serve and whom we won't?.. PDF

Free Water (of Life) (article)

     The water of life comes without cost.. PDF

Forgiving Ourselves (article)

     Why are we so slow to forgive when God is so quick to forgive?.. PDF

Faith of Our Fathers (article)

     Families are persuasive, but our faith must not be based on our family.. PDF

Equality (article)

     God sees us all the same.. PDF

Are We Following the Way? (article)

     GPS is usually right, but not always right. God's way is always right.. PDF

Building a House That Lasts (article)

     Story of the Three Little Pigs can help us build a life for God.. PDF