Enjoy the articles and sermon outlines.

Psalm 63 (brief sermon outline)

     The thirsting soul is satisfied by God.. PDF

The Grinch and the Church (article)

     Can you identify with the Grinch?.. PDF

The Barking Dog (article)

     Where is Our Focus?.. PDF

The Christian's Veteran's Day (article)

     Christians are spiritual soldiers.. PDF

Slacktivism (article)

     Can we feel good about ourselves when we don't actually help someone?.. PDF

Wisdom, Judgment, and Faith (article)

     We must study and grow to make wise and holy decisions.. PDF

Fortunate Son (article)

     Sometimes, God plays favorites!.. PDF

Journey Off the Map (article)

     Allowing God to be Our Guide.. PDF







Bible Hot Takes (article)

     A little different look at predictive prophecy.. PDF

Biblical Math (article)

     What function of mathematics are you doing?.. PDF

What About Cremation (article)

     A brief look at cremation in light of Bible teachings.. PDF

Decoration Day (article)

     Remembering with a purpose.. PDF

Demons in Unity (article)

     The demons are unified, are we?.. PDF

Do We Hate Evil? (article)

     Loving what God loves and hating what God hates.. PDF

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