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A new series of lessons entitled, “The 20 Greatest Chapters in the Bible” is the new feature for the website. I have chosen 20 chapters from the Scriptures that teach great themes (creation, resurrection, grace, faith, etc.).


Another new feature is a series I call, “Back to Basics.” An 8-lesson series that is great for new Christians and a good review for older ones.  Check out the link at the bottom of this page.


I am thrilled to welcome sermon and lesson material from my two sons, Andrew and Alex. Please click on their links and enjoy the materials they have shared.



I readily admit that many of my lessons I have borrowed from other preachers. If you find something without the proper credit, email me and I will make the correction. Thanks!

Lesson Title & Scripture


20 Greatest Chapters Series


GrChap-Genesis 01



GrChap-Exodus 20



GrChap-Psalms 01



GrChap-Psalms 23



GrChap-Psalms 51



GrChap-Psalms 119



GrChap-Proverbs 31



GrChap-Isaiah 40



GrChap-Isaiah 53



GrChap-Matthew 05



GrChap-Matthew 06



GrChap-Matthew 07



GrChap-John 17



GrChap-Acts 02



GrChap-Romans 08



GrChap-1Corinthians 13



GrChap-1Corinthians 15



GrChap-Hebrews 11



GrChap-James 02



Back to Basics


Lessons 01-08 (click here)

Lesson Description




The beginning of the universe:  Creation.



The Mosaic Covenant.



Introduction to the Psalms.



The Shepherd’s psalm.



A psalm of sorrow and repentance.



Glory and praise to God for His Word.



The Virtuous Woman.



The Awesomeness of God.



The Suffering Messiah.



Sermon on the Mount:  True Righteousness.



Sermon on the Mount:  True Worship.



Sermon on the Mount:  True Judgment.



Jesus Prayer for the Unity of All Believers.



The Beginning of the Church.



Christians are More Than Conquerors.



Love Described:  ...the greatest of these is love.



The Doctrine of the Resurrection



Faith:  Defined with many OT examples.



Faith without Works is Dead





A study for new Christians, and a great review for older ones.

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