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"Christ, The Way"
      Jn. 14:1-6

The classic text revisited.


What About Easter?
      Acts 12:1-5

Easter is celebrated around the world; what does the Bible say about it?


I'm Offended!
      Rom. 14:14-21

What to do when the actions of one, offend another.


Decisions, Decisions!
      Joshua 24:14-21

Some decisions are more important than others, but we should stive to make the right choice.


Food for the Fed-Up!
      1Peter 2:1-5

We should never feel that we cannot be fed by the word of God.


Four Kinds of Belief
      John 8:24

Some "stages" of belief.


Help Me, I'm Suffering!
      Hebrews 2:14-18

Jesus came to earth and suffered as we suffer.


The Worthy Walk
      Col. 1:9-12

Christians can walk in a manner worthy of the gospel.


Great Chapers of the Bible; Ex. 20
      Exodus 20:1-18

A look at the Decalogue.


Great Chapters; Psalm 51
      Psalm 51:1-19

David laments his sin.


Great Chapters; Isaiah 40
      Isa. 40:3-8

A chapter that tells of the awesomeness of God.


Laying Up Treasures
      Mt. 6:19-23

Where is your heart? It's where your treasure is.


Great Chapters; Matthew 5
      Mt. 5:3-16

The beatitudes and so much more.


Great Chapters; Romans 8
      Rom. 8:37-39

To know Romans 8 is know excitement and confidence!


Great Chapters; 1Corinthians 13
      1Cor. 13:1-13

The most excellent way of love.


Great Chapters; 1Corinthians 15
      1Corinthians 15:1-8

Belief in the resurrection is a must and it brings comfort.


Great Chapters; Hebrews 11
      Heb. 11:1-3

Heaven's roll call of the faithful.


The Cross from Seven Viewpoints
      Lk. 23:32-34,44-46

How do you view the crucifixion of Christ?


Great Chapters; James 2
      Jas. 2:1-7

James explains the relationship between faith and works.


Great Chapters; Isaiah 53
      Isa. 52:13-53:12

One of the greatest collections of prophecy concerning Jesus.


Great Chapters; Genesis 1
      Gen. 1:26-31

The beginning of it all.


Moving the Church Forward: Challenges to Accept
      Mt. 5:13-16

Does the church want to accept this part of Christianity?


Moving the Church Forward: Enemies to Defeat
      Phil. 3:12-15

The church must be, in some ways, militant.


Moving the Church Forward: Dangers to Avoid
      1Cor. 1:10-12

Unity solves a lot of problems.


Moving the Church Forward: Attitudes to Develop
      Phil. 3:12-14

In many ways, attitude is everything.


The Eyewitness
      1John 1:1-4

John's right to write.


Fellowship with God
      1John 1:5-10

An encouraging text about sin and walking in the light.


The New Commandment
      1John 1:5-10

A commandment refreshed with life!


The Antichrist and the Anointing
      1John 2:18-29

A difficult text but one also rich in comfort.


The Overcoming Life
      1John 5:1-12

Overcoming the world through our faith.


The Conclusion to 1John
      1John 5:13-18

That you might know...


Microwave Religion
      Luke 14:25-35

In a quick and easy world, discipleship is not quick or easy.


Walking in the Light from 2John
      2John 1:1-13

Staying away from false teachers and teaching.


Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014
           It has been way too long since I have added any material to this site. I pray the new things I have shared will profit you as you preach and teach His word!


           I readily admit that many of my lessons I have borrowed from other preachers. If you find something without the proper credit let me know and I will make the correction. Thanks!

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