New material now includes my series on Hermeneutics.  Eleven lessons complete with PowerPoint designed to help people better understand and interpret the Scriptures.  Be sure to note the bibliography page so that proper credit is given to those whose material I used in this study.


Please click on the Sagacity and Scripture link to read my new series of bulletin articles. You are welcome to copy and paste into your congregation's newsletter, bulletin, Facebook or website page.


Be sure to check out, Back to Basics. This is an 8-lesson series that is great for new Christians and a good review for older ones.



I readily admit that many of my lessons I have borrowed from other preachers. If you find something without the proper credit, email me and I will make the correction. Thanks!

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     A study on how to rightly divide the word of God.  Semantic and genre based; this study will improve your interpretation skills.

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Back to Basics Lessons

     A study for new Christians, and a great review for older ones.  Topics include scripture memory verses; understanding the difference between the Old and New Testaments; the arrived of the church; how to become a Christian; the work of the church; the worship of the church; organization of the church; some common false doctrines; and the second coming of Christ.

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Various Sermons and Lessons


Various Sermons

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Sagacity and Scripture

     This is a series of short articles designed to get people to think (or re-think) their relationship with God.  You are welcome to copy this articles for your website, or weekly newsletter.

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Jews Under Persia Series

     Andrew has expanded the materials in this section.

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