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A new series of lessons entitled, The 20 Greatest Chapters in the Bible is the new feature for the website. I have chosen 20 chapters from the Scriptures that teach great themes (creation, resurrection, grace, faith, etc.).


Another new feature is a series I call, Back to Basics. An 8-lesson series that is great for new Christians and a good review for older ones. Check out the link at the bottom of this page.


Andrew has posted some additional study material. Please click on his link and enjoy the materials shared.



I readily admit that many of my lessons I have borrowed from other preachers. If you find something without the proper credit, email me and I will make the correction. Thanks!

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GrChap-Genesis 01                          The beginning of the universe: Creation.                    PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Exodus 20                           The Mosaic Covenant                                                    PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Psalms 01                           Introduction to the Psalms                                            PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Psalms 23                           The Shepherd's Psalm                                                   PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Psalms 51                           A psalm of sorrow and repentance.                             PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Psalms 119                         Glory and praise to God for His word.                         PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Proverbs 31                        The virtuous woman.                                                     PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Isaiah 40                             The awesomeness of God.                                            PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Isaiah 53                             The suffering Messiah.                                                   PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Matthew 05                         The Sermon on the Mount: True Righteousness        PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Matthew 06                         The Sermon on the Mount: True Worship                    PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Matthew 07                         The Sermon on the Mount: True Judgment                 PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-John 17                               Jesus Prayer for the Unity of all Believers                  PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Acts 02                                The beginning of the church.                                        PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Romans 08                          Christians are more than conquerors.                         PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-1Corinthians 13                  Love described.                                                             PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-1Corinthians 15                  The doctrine of the resurrection.                                 PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Hebrews 11                         Faith: defined with may OT examples                         PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-Ephesians 02                      Saved by grace through faith.                                      PDF   PPT   Audio



GrChap-James 02                             Faith without Works is Dead                                        PDF   PPT   Audio



Back to Basics


Lessons 01-08 (click here)              A study for new Christians, and a great review for older ones.

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20 Greatest Chapters Series